Winter Competitive 2019-2020

Last updated: August 2019


U9-U12 Competitive Teams 


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U9-U12 teams will train twice per week (1 gym 1 dome) and play games in the competitive indoor leagues in the region (i.e. EODSA).   


U13-U18 Competitive Teams 


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U13-U18 teams will train three times per week and play games in the Coliseum indoor league or an equivalent.   

Supplemental Training


U9-U18 Technical Training 


Additional weekly technical training at the dome with staff coaches.


U9-U12 Morning Technical Training with Pav 

Additional technical training on weekday  mornings with coach Pav

U13-U18 Strength and Mobility Training 




U9-U18 Winter Keeper Training


Weekly keeper specific training available to all goalkeepers in the club. 

Gym Membership Discount - City of Ottawa 

All Ottawa TFC members qualify for a 20% discount on fitness memberships at City of Ottawa facilities.  For details, click here.

What is your 'U' level for the Fall/Winter season?